5 minutes with Wandiful Produce

Wandiful Produce’s Megan Hughes talks picnics, pizzas and perfect days with the Old Girl . 

From the second we set foot into their shed cafe,  we knew Wandiful Produce was something very special. So we ordered a slice of their incredible chestnut chocolate cake (made with their very own homegrown and ground chestnut flour) and hung around for a while.


We found out that they are not just a cafe, but a micro farm, store, and wood-fired pizza extraordinaire. If you want to know about foraging and cooking up seasonal produce from scratch, these guys have got it covered with a mouthwatering array of workshops and events.

We sat down with Megan for her tips…


OG: How long have you lived in Wandiligong?

Megan: I’ve been coming to this beautiful little valley all my life for Easter and sometimes Christmas holidays as well. My grandparents were very smart people and bought the original 15-acre property in the late ‘50s. I purchased my uncle’s property, which adjoins the original property, nearly three years ago and moved in February 2016! So exciting!

OG: Tell us about your perfect day off?

Megan: No plans, no need to look at the clock, and potter around in the garden getting dirty. I’ll eat a delicious lunch picked from the garden and in summer maybe even have an afternoon kip. Then, later on, unwind in a hot bath with some candles and a glass of wine.

OG: Sounds perfect! Now, imagine you’re taking us on a local picnic…where would we go and what would you pack?

Megan: Definitely Mount Buffalo, or up onto the high plains is magical too. I absolutely love it up there in the grass and wildflowers. A picnic is also my favorite thing to do for lunch and goes hand-in-hand with a bushwalk. The ideal picnic foods are a baguette, soft cheese, some spicy salami, olives, maybe some chestnut hummus and an apple. If there is running water around I like to refill my water bottle and drink mountain water. Delicious.

OG: Delicious indeed! You mentioned bushwalking, which is one of our favourite things to do. What outdoor activity gets your heart racing?

Megan: Riding my bike up and down the valley gets me warm! I used to rock climb a lot but these days I’d be lucky to do a chin up!

OG: So, where’s the best place to cycle around here?

Megan: Wandiligong Valley for a leisurely bike ride on a gorgeous day is good for me. For a longer ride, I’m keeping my eye on the Happy Valley Pub (in Ovens) as a destination for lunch.

OG: Count us in! And this is maybe the most important question…where’s should we indulge after a day’s cycling?

Megan: The Wandiful Produce cafe! We use all locally sourced and freshly picked ingredients which means our menu is always changing with the available produce. We make our own kombucha, plum and apple juices and have toppings on our pizza sourced from the garden, locally, or from regional Victoria like buffalo mozzarella from Shaw River.

The guys at Tani (Bright) are amazing though and use our hazelnuts and chestnut flour for some of their incredible creations. For a special treat, that’s where I’d be going.


OG: Sounds incredible! We can probably guess the answer, but tell us, what do you love most about working and living here?

Megan: I love the clean environment; it gives everyone a wonderful standard of living. I also have really awesome neighbours who I’ve known for many years now and really value their friendship. Plus I meet locals in the shed cafe all the time and love getting to know so many great people.

OG: Thanks so much for your time, Megan, we’ve absolutely loved spending time in your café. Before you go, can you reveal your top tip for adventurers visiting the area?

Megan: Wow only one tip at the tippy top is difficult. How about one thing that everyone should do and that is to walk the Razorback Ridge to Mount Feathertop. Not a really hard walk, but start early to ensure you have enough daylight to make the return trip, or better yet, pack for an overnighter, see the mind-blowing star action and wake up in heaven!

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You can find Wandiful Produce at 795 Morses Creek Road, Wandiligong, Victoria 3744 (Keep going past the pub and orchard!).

Follow them on Facebook for lots of mouthwatering pics, events and recipe ideas. P.S. We recommend a chocolate chestnut cake and ice coffee combo!



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