The Runner’s Guide to Tamworth

Tamworth is famous for its Golden Guitar and Country Music Festival, not its running, hiking and cycling trails. But venture beyond the music and you might be surprised what you find.


Stretching 28 hectares, Tamworth’s Botanic Gardens promise the perfect leisurely warm up. Wander the 2.3km trail around the gardens and take in the beautiful nature. Stop a while in the Rose Gardens and check out the view from the Gazebo. Why not play some Slim Dusty as you warm up. You are in Australia’s country music capital! The gardens are just off Piper Street in Northern Tamworth. 



Start at White Street in the centre of town and go straight up. The road to Oxley Lookout is 2.5km of solid up, so you’ll be well and truly warmed up by the time you reach the good stuff at the top (elevation 519m). There’s drinking water and a toilet in the carpark, so make use of this before you hit the trails. At the eastern end of the lookout, a sign marks the start of the trails, which were built during the 1930’s depression.


There are lots of intertwining routes you can run, with a total distance of 6.2km. Red earth, boulders and tall trees dominate the route. Watch your step as you wind through Oxley Park to Wallaby Rocks Lookout and Flagstaff Mountain Lookout on the far side.



Head to Peel River and join the fitness geeks along the Tamworth cycleway. Above the road on the Peel River levee bank, the cycle path flows from Scotts Road in the south to Jewry Street in the north. Fancy some cross-training? Get sweaty at the fitness stations along the way.



Situated conveniently along the bike path in Bicentennial Park, The Kiosk at Hopscotch Restaurant does a mean coffee and muffin combo. Do your tastebuds a favour and order the Red Velvet Cheesecake Cupcake. It’s all sorts of incredible. And you deserve it! 


Tell us your running tips for Tamworth! Do you listen to country music as you sweat it out on the trails? We want to hear from you. 

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