5 minutes with KOOEE!

KOOOOOOEEEEEEE! There’s something about that sound that screams “adventure” isn’t there?

Back in the day, the call was used by Indigenous Australians to shout across vast distances. Nowadays, it’s the sound of exhilaration that comes from being in spectacular places, feeling free and adventurous and all kinds of amazing. We know we’ve let out more than our fair share of “KOO-EEE!” while travelling around Australia.

(If you need tips on how to “KOOEE!”, watch this video)

KOOEE! is also our favourite healthy beef jerky snack. Founded by an adventurous Tasmanian, Andy Fist, and his US-based counterpart, KOOEE! is a 100% grass-fed beef jerky made right here on home soil. It’s free from added sugar, nitrates, preservatives and anything artificial – but most importantly, it tastes bloody good!

Photo 10-05-2016
We KOOEE! in the Blue Mountains

We’ve been munching on KOOEE! on the road when we can’t store fresh meat. Truth be told, even when we can have fresh meat, we find ourselves digging around for another pack of KOOEE! We use it in stews, toss it in with spaghetti, add it to scrambled egg, and sneak it into salad roll-ups. YUM!

Photo 12-05-2016
Avocado, grated carrot, tomato and KOOEE! – yum!

As you know, the Old Girl can’t resist a man with adventure in his soul, so we left her alone with KOOEE’s founder Andy for 5 minutes to get his story:

OG: First things first, I hear you once had a kombi too… tell me about her?

Andy: I’m an endurance sports fan, and had the romantic idea of following the Tour de France in a VW Kombi. I rented a beautiful old van named Lily. Unfortunately Lily could barely keep up with the cyclists in the hot French sun, and our time together ended in tears at the bottom of the infamous Mont Ventoux. C’est la vie.

ze bus
Lily, the wannabe Tour De France cyclist

OG: Oh that’s devastating! Let’s talk about happier things…what inspired you to start KOOEE! ?

Andy: When living in the USA in 2013, an Australian friend of mine, Shaun, confessed that he was starting a beef jerky business. I thought this poor soul had lost his mind, as I considered beef jerky to be the most unsexy food of all time. Within 2 years I had moved back to Tasmania, bought a sausage factory (really), and started to make beef jerky in partnership with Shaun. KOOEE! was born.

OG: What makes KOOEE! great for adventures?

Andy: Looks like steak, tastes like steak, 6 month shelf life! KOOEE! is perfect for adventures because it is nutritious, lightweight, and shelf stable.

Andy takes a KOOEE! break

OG: We couldn’t agree more! We’ve been munching on KOOEE! on the top of mountains and in gorges…but where’s the MOST extreme, mind-blowing place people have taken KOOEE!? 

Andy: KOOEE! has now been to every continent on Earth, including Antarctica. So I’m going to have to say a packet of Smoked Chipotle in front of a smoking volcano on Antarctica. 

Mount Erebius
#WhereDoYouKooee? Next to a volcano, naturally!

OG: That’s pretty mind-blowing. And it’s also the one continent Mat and Nicki have yet to venture. Are you planning for an adventure at the moment? 

Andy: Yes. There is an abandoned hut in Tasmania’s Walls of Jerusalem that was built by a man in the early 1980s, he lived in the Wilderness for about 18 months. It’s in immaculate condition, so I’m going to try to find it as soon as the area is accessible after recent flood damage.

OG: What’s your favourite type of adventure?

Andy: My adventures ideally are only enjoyable in hindsight. A little bit of suffering is absolutely essential to create wonderful memories! 

The toughest adventures are always the best

OG: That’s true. Sometimes I make Nicki and Mat suffer just so they have better memories. It’s all for the greater good. I’m pretty certain they’re going to take me to Tassie at some point – any tips on where we should go?

Andy: You better come to the Launceston Farmers’ Market on a Saturday and say hello. Come for the jerky, stay for the exaggerated stories. My favourite place to take people is Freycinet. Climb Mount Amos above Wineglass Bay in the morning to earn a trip to the local vineyards that afternoon. It doesn’t get any better than that! 

OG: That’s sounds awesome! One last question… I adore KOOEE! and would love to see it on more shelves around Australia. Can you give us any hints on what’s next for KOOEE! ?

Andy: We’re officially launching our new product range in September, so we’re flat out. One thing that excites me is our rapidly expanding team.

OG: Sounds like you’ve got some exciting things in store! Good luck with the new range – we can’t wait to taste it. Now, I’ve gotta run and get to the Smoked Chipotle KOOEE! before Mat and Nicki!

Photo 11-05-2016

Get your hands on KOOEE! in their online shop and follow them on Instagram and Facebook #wheredoyoukooee

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