Run Larapinta: A rollercoaster ride

For Mat’s 40th birthday, I signed us up to Run Larapinta, a four-day, 132km (and then some…) trail run across parts of the iconic Larapinta Trail in Central Australia.

It was, without a doubt, the toughest running event we’ve ever done – yet, easily the most rewarding.

Read all about the ups and downs in my article in Trail Run Magazine here.

Take a minute to check out some pics below – we hope they inspire you to visit the Larapinta Trail! You won’t be disappointed.

Spectacular views across the Larapinta Trail
It’s this way right?
Wading through an oasis near the end of the final 45km day
Hanging out on top of the mountain on day 3
Navigating through the gorge on day 3
Running the ridge on day 2
Running up Mt Sonder, the NT’s fourth highest peak


Still running up Mt Sonder, the NT’s fourth highest peak
The Awesome Foursome (from the left: Ian, Mat, Gayle and Nicki) enjoying a drink and swim at the end of the four days

Run Larapinta is organised by Rapid Ascent, an event company we both highly recommend for their brilliance! Visit the Rapid Ascent website.

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