The Big Draw Festival: When ink and kombi collide

What happens when ink and Kombi collide? Find out at The Big Draw Festival in Albany, 4-7 October!


As part of our artists in residency at Vancouver Arts Centre, we’re really excited and honoured to be part of the world’s biggest drawing festival, The Big Draw.

The Old Girl might be powered by petrol but this year’s festival is STEAM powered – that is, it brings together Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths. 

For four days during the school hols, we’ll be inviting young people to create a surprising artwork using parts from the Old Girl. Floors, doors, hubcaps, engine parts…you name it! We’ll be inking up the Old Girl and creating incredible, colourful prints. 

At the end of the month, our mammoth collaborative artwork will be exhibited in the Town Hall gallery as part of The Big Draw Party!  

There are lots of fun creative events during the festival for the whole of October – check out the website for details.

If you or anybody you know is in Albany from 4-7 October, come and see us at Albany Town Hall! IMG_3856-2

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