Sharing our vanlife diary

We love being part of the vanlife community. Old, young, parents, artists, couples, solos … everyone has a different story to tell. The one common thread is that everyone loves being out there, seeing and exploring new things.

We heard about Vanlife Diaries before we even got on the road. Actually before we even got back from New Zealand.

In the middle of our Te Araroa adventure, we took a few days’ rest in the tiny village of Arthur’s Pass. Staying in the very same hostel-cottage-space was Jonny Dustow. A musician by trade, Jonny was meeting up with his wife Jess, who was also trekking the TA, so they could spend a few “zero” days together in the village. It wasn’t long before we shared our plans for the Old Girl and Jonny told us about their year living in a van, and the vanlife community.

One of the minds behind the digital movement, Jonny told us how Vanlife Diaries is a community of people on the road who share adventures, stories, and tips on how to survive the highs and lows of vanlife.

We were thrilled to share our own story with Vanlife Diaries. Read our vanlife diary here

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5 thoughts on “Sharing our vanlife diary

  1. Isn’t it incredible. When we first started down our own #vanadventure we weren’t sure what to expect, mostly we thought people would think we were nuts- some did, but for the most part we have found an amazing community of people from all walks of life, all with unique and incredible stories! Thanks for sharing yours! Happy trails!

    Katie & DJ


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