We’re in Hendaye, drinking ciders, watching the sea swhoosh in and out. In and out. This is the last time we’ll see the sea until the other side of the mountains, 29 days from now. 

You see, we’re about to start our run across the Pyrenees on the famous GR10 hiking trail: 866km, 48,000m elevation. That’s five Everests in 28 days, starting at Hendaye and not stopping until we dip our feet in the Mediterranean Sea on the other side. I’ve been studying these stats for a year, as we’ve been quietly, slowly planning our adventure. But it’s never felt real until now. 

The butterflies are dancing like they’ve had a few too many shots of coffee (something we won’t have for a while…)

So, why this adventure? 

It all started five years ago when we ran the final 100km of the trail over five days. We were pretty unprepared back then – we were only just dabbling in trail running and didn’t really have the equipment or experience to take on more than that. But the Pyrenees cast a spell on us. Was it the black coffee, warm bread and jam we were served in a stone hut? The cows jingling their bells tauntingly at us as we tried to pass them on a knife-edge mountain trail? The feeling of the icy river washing our sweaty feet after a hard day’s run? 

When we dipped our feet in the sea at Banyuls Sur Mer, we were happy it was over. But then we watched enviously as thru-hikers did the same and swore one day to return. 

And here we are.

Better prepared (just). Stronger runners (I hope!). Ready to go. 

We hope you’ll follow our adventure! 

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