Day 7: Pics and Cols

Plateau de Lehrs – Lac Gentau 

Distance: 27km (small but steep day!)
Elevation: 2288m (yikes! That’s like climbing Mt Kosci in one hit!)

Gear fails: Mat’s water bladder leaked for the third time. For the third time, it was because he hadn’t closed it properly 😉

Fuel: Peanut butter on baguette (that’s the end of the peanut butter, and they don’t seem to sell it anywhere here. So, our choice is now between jam or Nutella…which should we buy??), 2 x apples, 2 x cafe au lait, peanuts, mars bar, SOS citron (it was a hot day!). 

We didn’t plan to camp next to the lake, but we couldn’t resist. Mat looked at me with those “please can we” eyes and I buckled. Even though it means we’d have a mammoth day tomorrow. But I mean, just look….

I just had to strop writing because a herd of about 50 cows just ran down the slope on the other side of the mountain. It sounded like someone had just dropped 50 bells into the valley. 

We’re camping next to Lac Gentau at 1960m. The air is cold for the first time since we left Australia, and we both have long sleeves on (imagine!). I’m not going to describe the hike up here (and it was a hike – no running today!), as nothing I say can do it justice. Instead, here’s a picture story:

It started with sheepdogs.

Down into the tiny village of Borces.

Picked up a baguette

And started climbing. And climbing. 

The first of many dunks into an icy river.

Still going up!

Mat fills his cap with ice… it’s still hot!

Over the ice to the top

And down to the lake. 

See the refuge? It serves beer and wine! Time to celebrate a week on the trails.

One thought on “Day 7: Pics and Cols

  1. Fantastic pictures! Nicky, a col is a pass (literally in French it’s a collar, a neck or a pass). Look forward to reading more about your adventures.


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