Meet the Runaways

The North Face 100 2014

We’re trail runners and adventurers, Nicki and Mat.

Ever since our first date on a Hong Kong to Melbourne flight (true story), we’ve been runaways. It started with little runs on weekends away. After a while, we started choosing travel destinations based solely on the Trail Awesomeness Factor.

In 2011, we threw in the 9 to 5 to seek out running adventures around the world. Nicki is a writer, Mat is an artist, so all we really needed was a truckload of daily inspiration and, occasionally, some wheels.

That’s where the Old Girl comes in. (We knew you were wondering!)

Graceful, stubborn, vibrant, noisy and stuck in her ways – but completely and utterly lovable – the Old Girl is our ‘73 VW Kombi with one helluva attitude. In 2016, the Old Girl begrudgingly carried us to trail runs and good times around Australia – from the hidden gorges of the Larapinta Trail to the blustery Kosciuszko summit and insanely flat Nullarbor.

Now, we’ve got the map out and are in deep planning mode for our next runaway adventure. Watch this space!

Nicki & Mat are fuelled by KOOEE! Beef Jerky crafted from 100% grass-fed Tasmanian beef.

The Old Girl is fuelled by unleaded petrol plus a dash of valve saver.

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